Freetrack Asset GPS Tracker – Portable or Hard Wired

This fully self contained GPS tracker is ideal for monitoring and tracking fixed and moveable assets. The parameters can be customised to extend battery life or provide full real time tracking.

  • Fully self containedwith internal GSM and GPS aerials and a strong magnetic cover so the tracker can be attached to any magnetic surface with ease – no installation required
  • 3G compatible
  • The re-chargeable 10000mAh Li-ion batteryprovides up to 2 years in Long Life Mode or 6 weeks in Live Tracking mode
  • Adjustable parametersallow the settings to be set depending on the type of asset and its tracking requirements
  • Long Life Modeis ideal for fixed assets as it reduces battery and data usage with adjustable parameter settings:
    – In Long Life Mode set how regularly the tracker should wake up and take a GPS fix (i.e. as once a day). The fewer location fixes the tracker takes the longer the battery will last.
    – One battery charge will last up to two years in Long Life Mode with one GPS fix a day (programmable).
    – If required a command (via push notification) can be sent to the tracker to change to Live Tracking Mode. Note the tracker will only update to Live Tracking Mode the next time it wakes up from Long Life Mode.
  • Live Tracking Modehas adjustable parameter settings and an internal motion sensor so is ideal for assets where regular GPS fixes are preferable:
    – Adjustable parameter settings for Live Tracking Mode for time and distance travelled allow customisation depending on asset tracking requirements
    – The more frequent the GPS fixes the more often the battery will need to be re-charged (on standard settings the battery will last about 6 weeks if the asset is tracking about two hours a day)
    – In Live Tracking Mode additional alerts are active including vibration (movement) alert and Geo Fence
  • Internal bufferfor no GSM signal areas
  • Low battery alertvia SMS and push notification plus see the battery level on the app
  • Tamper alertvia SMS and push notification
  • Easy re-charge of the battery via USB(can be left connected to the USB if preferred)
  • Dust and moisture resistant housing but for marine or external environments and waterproof housing (such as an Otter box) is essential.
  • GPS accuracy of around 10 mtrs or better with clear skies
  • Dimensions: 108mm x 61mm x 30mm (286g)