Windows UK / Euro

Windows for most Caravans, motorhomes and RV’s come from Europe. These are double glazed acrylic plastic. There are four main manufacturers including Polyplastic, Dometic, Para Press and Plastoform. Your brand can be verified by a small sticker in top of window. These windows come in many shapes, sizes, with careful measuring and photos we can source the correct window for your requirements. (see linked form) We have a great relationship with the main supplier of all brands.

As RVRepairs is one of only a few suppliers of UK / Euro windows. We can most often source, quote and have delivered windows within a 6–8-week time frame. Broken windows are in most cases covered by your insurance policy in which case you lodge your claim with them stating who you wish to use. (most insurance companies will try to refer you to one of the larger autoglass companies, this will only delay your window as they have little experience in RV windows and ultimately come to us)

One thing to note, is some off the older UK/Euro windows are no longer made and will most likely require to be custom made in NZ. We can organize this and with insurance company approval install a temporary plastic pane to weather-proof your van.

Windows Glass

We can also pattern out and get glass windows made toughened and installed. Please fill out the window measure form below, or select this button to download a printable form.

How To Measure Your Window

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