At RVRepairs we install of most systems on all types of motorhomes, caravans, buses, along with other vehicles, such as horse trucks, food trailer and many other vehicles.

oven stove fridge combo appliances

Appliances Ovens, Hobs & Fridge/Freezers

We repair all brand of appliances both electric and 3 way.
Oven & hobs:

  • Dometic, Thetford- Spinflo, Smev, Can, Parmco

Fridge / Freezers:

  • Vitrifrigo , Dometic, Thetford – Spinflo, Isotherm


  • We install all awnings, Thule, Fiamma, Cvana , Caravan store.

Bike Racks & Roof Racks

  • At RVRepairs we install all types of bike racks, including bike racks for E-bikes, from fixed racks to manual and electric lifts.
    We can also install roof racks and cargo baskets.


We install all electrical systems, both 12volt & 240volt your motorhome or caravan.

12 volt

  • Lighting, Batteries

240 volt

  • We do all 240 volt electrics and Certification.
  • Vehicles need an Electrical Certification after any electrical work is carried out. The certification will remain with the vehicle for 4 years. Subsequent alterations to any of the electrical components must be carried out by an approved practitioner and recorded. All paperwork relating to those alterations must be kept with the vehicle.

Solar Systems

  • At RVRepairs we specialize in solar system installs, from panels, wiring, inverter, chargers, and system monitoring and batteries. You will need bring your van in for a consultation on the best system for your needs and wants.

Heating Diesel & Gas

There 2 main sources of heating – Diesel heating and gas/LPG heating
We install all brands of heaters such as
Eberspacher  Webasto  Truma  Propex Gasquip

Our personal preference is the diesel Eberspacher (German designed) diesel heater for several reasons…

  • Fuel sources: Many motorhomes and caravans already use LPG for fridges, cooking, and water heating. By using another fuel is spreading the load over more power/ fuel sources.
  • Safely: LPG is safe to use, if checked and maintained appropriately and with a LGP detector. However, Diesel is less combustible and does not have the leak potential of LPG.
  • Diesel Heaters also have superior heating and burn dry heat preventing condensation.
  • Quieter and better temperate control

No brand OR branded models purchased online from overseas including the locally rebranded diesel heaters often contain low quality components and could result in safety issues.

Motor Movers

  • We install most Motor movers both dual and single axle.
  • Manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic
  • Camec Elite 2 & Elite Pro2
  • Powr Touch Evolution Single & dual axle
  • Kronings semi-automatic single & dual axle

In some of the bigger caravans such as the Australian outback caravans, are not suitable for motor movers and would respond as well as on a smaller caravan.

Plumbing & Water

  • RVRepairs installs all hot and cold-water systems, pumps, and plumbing.


  • We install the full plumbing to comply with the current self-containment standards.
  • Under New Zealand Motorhome and Caravan Association – NZMCA and NZ Lifestyle Camping.
  • A certified self-contained vehicle meets the ablutionary and sanitary needs of the occupants for a minimum of three days, without requiring any external services or discharging waste.
  • Certified self-containment is maintaining and certifying your motor caravan or caravan in accordance with the New Zealand Standard for Self-Containment of Motor Caravans and Caravans, NZS 5465:2001

Roof Vents and Skylights

We install most roof vent and skylights; these make a difference to the airflow within the van.

However, one thing to consider when installing vents into smaller, low roof vans. There is the possibility that there may be some noticeable chill, draft, and air movement, due to the proximity of the vent, especially over the bed area.

TV’s, Satellite Dishes, Reversing Cameras

  • Our technicians can install all 12V TVs, satellite receivers – manual, semi and fully automatic.
  • We also install reversing cameras for motorhomes and caravans.

Window, Doors, Lockers and Stays

  • We install and replace windows, doors, lockers and stays for most motorhome and caravans.
  • Windows come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and brands. RVRepairs is one of only a few suppliers of UK / Euro windows. However, one thing to note, is some of the older UK/Euro windows are no longer made.
  • We can also pattern out and get glass windows made.