RVRepairs carry maintenance on all types of motorhomes, caravans, buses, along with other vehicles, such as horse trucks, food trailer and many other vehicles.

oven stove fridge combo appliances

Appliances Ovens, Hobs & Fridge/Freezers

We service and maintain all brands of gas appliances and 3-way fridges.

  • We recommend a yearly service of gas ovens, hobs and 3-way fridges, clean out and replace parts is needed, such as thermocouple or sparker.
  • Electric fridge / freezers don’t require servicing.


For more details go to the Self-containment & certification section.

  • Electrical certification – EWOF
  • Self-containment
  • Gas certification


We service, maintain, and replace electrical components in your motorhome – both 12 volt and 240 volt electrics.

12 volt

  • Batteries

240 volt

  • Vehicles need an Electrical Certification after any electrical work is carried out. The certification will remain with the vehicle for 4 years. Subsequent alterations to any of the electrical components must be carried out by an approved practitioner and recorded. All paperwork relating to those alterations must be kept with the vehicle.

Solar Systems

  • At RVRepairs we specialize in solar system maintenance.

Heating Diesel & Gas

There 2 main sources of heating – Diesel heating and gas/LPG heating

  • RVRepairs service and maintenance on all brands of heaters such as
    Eberspacher Webasto Truma Propex Gasquip
  • We recommend a yearly service and diesel heater service kit, consisting of Glow pin screen, fuel pump filter, blower motor gasket and burner gasket.
    However depending on how often the heater is used, it may be need more frequent services

Motor Movers

  • Motor movers, both dual and single axle, manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic benefit from a yearly service to realign the movers.

Plumbing & Water

  • Like all gas products, hot water systems need an annual service.
  • Suburban hot water has an anode that needs replacing yearly.
  • An anode is a sacrificial rod that will corrode away completely before the water begins to attack the steel water tank. As long as anode rods are regularly checked and replaced, your water heater tank will be protected from corrosion.
  • Hot water systems – Truma – Whale and Attwood don’t have anodes.

Water Damage & Roof Water Proofing

  • Water Tightness Test – WWT RVRepairs do a water tightness test. We use a moisture meter to record the moisture content within your van.
  • Roof water proofing. Sometimes it is better to waterproof the entire roof rather than patching areas. We have had a lot of success with this process by using a UV- resistant silicone-based product.

Window, Doors, Locks and Stays

  • We repair and replace windows, doors, locks and stays for most motorhome and caravans.
  • Windows come in many shapes, sizes, materials and brands. RVRepairs is one of only a few suppliers of UK / Euro windows. However, one thing to note, is some off the older UK/Euro windows are no longer made.
  • We can also pattern out and get glass windows made.

Other Services and Maintenance

  • We do warranty water tightness – WWT and habitation inspection checks for several Caravan and Motorhome models and sellers. Please check with your seller that we are authorised to complete these checks.