RV Media Evolution Series TVs

ON SCREEN LOW BATTERY VOLTAGE WARNING Low RV Battery voltage can not only potentially damage your 12V equipment, it may also reduce battery life. To ensure this does not happen while watching TV, RV Media Evolution Series TV will display an on-screen low battery voltage warning message when the system voltage drops below 11V. In addition to this, RV Media Evolution TVs are designed to operate on a wide 10-30 Volt Range to ensure reliable operation in the most adverse conditions.

BACKLIT REMOTE WITH QUICK TUNE Our exclusive backlit remote control ensures easy TV operation without the need to turn on the RVs lighting and disturb other people. The remote is even compatible with Series 3 RV Media TVs! While travelling, it is advisable to re-tune your Digital TV Channels (DTV) when visiting a new town or area. The process is now easier with RV Medias QT button. Simply press the dedicated QT button on the remote to start the DTV tuning function. optional stand and plugpack accessories, as most RV TVs are mounted on the wall and operate from the RVs 12V system,

RV Media Evolution Series TVs are not supplied standard with a stand and 240V plugpack that in most cases are not used. This ensures that this Premium TV is produced using only A-Grade LCD panels and premium components that have been specifically sourced and developed for the Australasian RV environment. Should you require a desk-top stand or 240V plugpack, please order one of the appropriate TV Accessory Kits