Thetford N3080E Fridge

Thetford’s latest and most compact absorption refrigerator; the Thetford N3080 Fridge. This 81l 3-way (gas/12V/230V) refrigerator with electric ignition can even work using only gas – without being electrically connected.

Even though this fridge is compact, it provides the high performance expected from Thetford. It features an electric ignition, manual power source selection.

The Thetford N3080 Caravan and Motorhome Fridge is now supplied with a reversible hinge as standard and as such can be installed as either a left- or right-handed hinge.


  • First class cooling performance
  • Quiet as a whisper
  • 3-year guarantee
  • CE mark of quality, CFC-free and almost entirely recyclable
  • Main dimensions (HxWxD) (mm): 821 x 486 x 543
  • Recommended built-in depth (mm): 535 – 570
  • Total volume (L): 81
  • Volume freezer (L): 10
  • Wheel arch model: Yes
  • Door shape: Flat
  • Door version: Framed, Right hinging model
  • Usable power source: DC / AC / gas
  • Operation: Manual Power Source selection
  • Type of gas valve: Electric
  • Ignition: Electric
  • Display: LED
  • Energy consumption* (kWh/24h): 2.4
  • Energy consumption gas* (g/24h): 240
  • Max input 12V (W): 140
  • Max input 230V (W): 153
  • Max input gas (g/h): 18.8
  • Weight (Kg): 22.5